Thursday, March 16, 2006

what's the use of a high EQ?

Ok. I am a little behind on this blogging thing. I am now on day four of the World of Work Programme at Wits and I must say it is intense and draining. At the same time, I am soaking up all of the vital information from each seminar. I will start from the second day on emotional intelligence. I feel that I am in tune with myself emotionally or should I say "self-aware."

When you are outside of your comfort zones, whether it be your home, community or country, you suddenly get a sense of how the (rest of the) world sees you and then you start to ask yourself "how do I see me"? It was a question I have asked myself over and over again. From the most obvious (gender) to the most nuanced. From that point I have noticed that how I see myself is displayed consciously and subconsciously in my interactions with others. I can use the example, if I want others to see my as approachable and accessible I have to see myself that way. It's work in progress. This relates to what Shameen Naidu said about taking care of and understanding yourself first before you try to help others. Self awareness is imperative to social awareness and social skills.

The questionnaire that measures our emotional intelligence says that I have an EQ of 140, which is a high average. This gives me confidence that I can use this as an asset in whichever environment I become a part of: whether it is at a non-profit or ngo, corporate world or government.

Nevertheless, I have a question: is having a high EQ an essential component to being successful or does it just make you easier to work with?


Blogger Roy Blumenthal said...

Hiya Rochelle...

EQ is vital for success. I have a fairly high EQ, cos I spend a lot of time and energy on imporving myself.

However, this does not mean I'm easy to work with. In fact, sometimes I'm very very very difficult to work with. I'm exceptionally demanding, and I prefer the people around me to embrace excellence as a first principle. And when I don't GET that excellence from them, I don't want them working with me.

So, I can be abrasive and short-tempered and all sorts of things that make it APPEAR as though I have a poor EQ. But I'm normally pretty aware of how I'm coming across, and what effect I'm having on people. I'm just doing things for specific reasons much of the time.

So, in my books, EQ isn't about how easy of difficult a person is to work with. It's more to do with how easy it will be for that person to evaluate the emotional needs of self and others, and what to do about that. Which is a factor in success.

Blue skies

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