Monday, March 20, 2006

Going solo or sticking with the team

I got a response to my last blog about EQ that I found really interesting. Having a high EQ, or being relatively self-aware does not necessarily make you easy to work with but it is a important aid for one to understand the effect you have on others and to understand the emotional needs of others. This brings me to my blog for today about being a team player or being solo. I am not sure which one I am. I think it depends on the day and the task at hand. Last week I heard two presentations that basically advocated for the opposite approach: SOLO vs TEAM. One presenter stated that no one is really a team player. I am not sure if he was implying that human beings by nature are intrinsically self-seeking beings looking out for their own interests, but this is what I think when I look at the social problems in our world. Does anyone really care about the other?

Anyway, the other presenter said that team playing is pertinent in the business world and a good team player is a connector and a communicator. I like the collaboration that can exist in good team work. You hear thoughts/ideas from people that connect to yours and the result is magical. But this doesn't always happen. What makes a good team? I have a thought: Teams are successful when everyone in that team has something to lose. This means that everyone in the team is concerned about the outcome of the teamwork and will thus put much effort into the work. I guess this relates to having the same objective and shared goals as a team.

I have solo dreams but I know it is important for me to meet people that can facilitate in me accomplishing my goals. I am still not sure if I am a solo person or team person.


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